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  • Tips for Teaching Annotation in Science Class

    How to: Teaching Annotation in Science Class

    This guest post was written by a friend of mine, Kristin Lee, who writes terrific resources for teachers who want to help their students with scientific literacy!   Scientific Literacy is becoming an increasingly important set of skills for our students and to our society at large. How do I tell fact from fiction? What is […]

  • Biology Doodle Diagram Notes in The Classroom

    The skill that most students lack in middle school and high school, in every class, is how to take notes. So often, they are entirely lost. Many teachers expect them to have a blank notebook page, watch a Powerpoint, and listen to the teacher lecture.  And somehow know what is important enough to write down.  And physically […]

  • Seven Tips for Keeping Your Science Classroom Organized

    Check out these great lab organization tips written by another great science teacher-author, Liezel Pienaar!     I have spent most of my 16 years in the classroom as the only Science teacher at a school. Yes, me, myself and I being the whole Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments! Throw in some Maths and Geography […]

  • Flash sale on my bio and chem bundles!

    I am having a 15% off sale on my big chemistry and biology homework bundles, ending Sunday at midnight EST.   I take pride in every illustration I create for them, every concept that I scaffold, and every practice question I write and I know you will love them. But definitely don’t take my word […]

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