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  • Tips for Teaching Evolution

    Blog post contributors: Ginny Mason and Bethany Lau In-Class Evolution Lab Ideas Evolution is such an important unit in any biology curriculum. Not only does it help students develop a concept of both the relatedness and the diversity of all living things, it also serves to help build a conceptualization of additional biology topics such […]

  • Presidential Science Advisors

    Research Project for Inauguration Week or any week to celebrate current day scientists! Did you also get excited this past week when you saw the list of presidential science advisors? Whatever political party you belong to, learning about scientists and celebrating science is exciting! I love learning about their accomplishments and I love to see […]

  • Using SARS-CoV-2 (and COVID-19) to Teach Biology

    This blog post was written in January 2021 and there may be new scientific discoveries since publishing that would change what we know about this virus. We live in a unique time where it has become even more clear that understanding biology is very important. At the moment, the virus SARS-CoV-2 is all over the […]

  • Independent Assortment and Karyotype Lesson

    This independent assortment and color your own karyotype lesson is now digital! For several years now, my Color Your Own Karyotype and Independent Assortment lesson has been loved and utilized by thousands of teachers and students all over the globe to really clarify the concept of Independent Assortment. It’s one of the first activities that […]

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