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  • How to Print Your Own Card Game Decks

    Recently, I picked up a new hobby: creating my own tabletop games! I have a bit of self-taught graphic design experience (as you readers of Science with Mrs. Lau know already) and recently I tried my hand at creating a new card game for my kids. My 9 year old son and I have been […]

  • Ultimate Periodic Table Bingo

    Periodic Table Bingo: Engaging, interactive, and can be played with social distancing! I took a survey in the end of 2020 and teachers overwhelmingly told me they need engaging and interactive ways to work with students in their classroom AND online. My goal of 2021 is to create these types of experiences for teachers and […]

  • Using Science Blackout Poetry

    Blog Post Contributors: Ginny Mason and Bethany Lau This past year as I wrapped up my evolution unit, I had my students create science blackout poetry about the topics we covered in class. This is a fun way for students to express their big ideas and understandings about the topic. Blackout poetry served as an effective […]

  • Tips for Teaching Evolution

    Blog post contributors: Ginny Mason and Bethany Lau In-Class Evolution Lab Ideas Evolution is such an important unit in any biology curriculum. Not only does it help students develop a concept of both the relatedness and the diversity of all living things, it also serves to help build a conceptualization of additional biology topics such […]

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