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  • Free Periodic Table with updated names!

    It’s about that time of year and a lot of teachers are teaching the periodic table.  This is just a quick blog post to let you know of a free resource you can download to help your students in their chemistry studies. One of the keys of studying the periodic table is to have an […]

  • Ten Tips for Teaching ELL Science

    This guest blog post was written by my friend Becca over at Science Rocks! She is a terrific teacher with a lot of experience working with ELL students in her science classroom and I collaborated with her in writing this post. I think her ideas are full of fantastic tips for teachers who teach English Language […]

  • Biochemistry Resources for the High School Biology Classroom

    Many of you are starting to teach biochemistry soon and I want to show you a few biochemistry resources I have that you may be interested in. Biochemistry is truly the most difficult topic to teach in high school biology (photosynthesis and respiration come to a close second) in my opinion.  Here are a few […]

  • Tips for Dealing with Student Absences

      One unique challenge of the middle school and high school teacher is dealing with the numerous absences that happen in any given week or even any given day!   How many of you have seen the following scenario happen?   You start your day and students begin streaming in for first period class.  A […]

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