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  • Using SARS-CoV-2 (and COVID-19) to Teach Biology

    This blog post was written in January 2021 and there may be new scientific discoveries since publishing that would change what we know about this virus. We live in a unique time where it has become even more clear that understanding biology is very important. At the moment, the virus SARS-CoV-2 is all over the […]

  • Color Your Own Karyotype Digital Lesson Update

    It’s now digital! For several years now, my Color Your Own Karyotype lesson has been loved and utilized by thousands of teachers and students all over the globe to really clarify the concept of Independent Assortment. It’s one of my first activities that I published and it’s truly one of my favorites. Teachers have sent […]

  • How to Build a Digital Doodle Diagram Notebook

    In all types of classrooms (remote, face-to-face, blended, everything in between), teachers are looking to use more versatile tools to help their students learn and interact with science content. One of these tools is called a Digital Interactive Notebook. Karen Randazzo and I collaborate in the Teacher Prep Room and she created a fantastic course […]

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