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  • My new life as a computer science teacher

    It’s December and I’m finally finding my bearings and feel I have the time on the weekend to sit down and tell you about my new adventure! In June 2022, I got hired for a full time computer science position and let me tell you… I love it!! (My students are fantastic. They are excited […]

  • The Teacher Prep Room is back for Summer 2021!

    Karen and I are back together again, excited to be working with teachers again in new courses for Summer 2021. This summer we wanted to focus on helping teachers face the challenges of 2021! The science teacher professional development courses we built really have a common theme: scaffolding and working with individual students with individual […]

  • Roll-and-Write Protein Sequence Game

    Do your students need practice writing protein sequences from a mRNA nucleotide sequence? I know mine always do! Here is a game I created that you can print out for your students to play against each other as they create the longest protein sequence they can, by rolling three dice to get the nucleotides for […]

  • The Cell Membrane Game

    Lately I’ve been exploring interactive games and activities that teachers can use to teach students concepts in science. (Check out my other two recently created games: the Organelle Card Game and Carbon Central) I play a lot of board games and card games (gamers classify these as “tabletop games”) and an idea came to my […]

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