You are the President-Elect: Pick Your Own Science Advisors Activity

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Google Slides Mini-Research Project on Science Advisors

In this Google Slides Mini-Research Project, students will research current day scientists and select their own science advisors, pretending they are the President-Elect of the United States!

(Please note: there are no politics, no political parties, and no divisiveness intended in this resource. The goal is for students to learn about current day scientists and encourage students to think about the importance of science advisors.)

Students will read about scientists in 6 different fields (biology, chemistry, physics, earth/space science, computer science/mathematics, and engineering) and they will make simple profile pages about each of their chosen advisors, explaining their choices.

Diverse List of Scientists Included!

Included in the document is a diverse list of scientists for students to start with, but I would encourage them to look up other scientists they are interested in or have read about.

The download includes a PDF with instructions on how to access and share the Google Slides document with your students.

(C) Bethany Lau

If you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please leave a question on the question and answer section of my store and I will get back to you quickly!

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