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Create your own virtual science classroom for Google Classroom or a clickable PDF for other learning management systems! You can do a bunch of different things with your virtual classroom. You can use it as a "home base" for students to find useful links, sort of like a visual e-board! You can also use the template to create your own background image to make a Google Classroom Header or other class website header.

You can easily insert your own bitmoji or other online avatar (not included, you need to make your own separately) if you would like or any other image!

This resource is a detailed instruction PDF with links to two Google Slides files.

Included are the following:

Virtual Classroom Design Template.

1) In this Google Slides document, you will find a main classroom background slide. The floor and wall graphics are not editable; they are inserted into the background of the slide to make it easier for you to move the objects around. This slide has a variety of pieces of furniture and science lab materials set up for you already as a sample. You can move everything but the floor and the walls. You will use this slide to create an image background for your actual virtual classroom file (see below). There are 5 different floor backgrounds to choose from.

2) A slide with extra classroom furniture and lab supply pieces you can copy and paste onto the main slide if you wish!

Virtual Classroom and Bulletin Boards.

1) Instruction slide (you can delete this after you’re done)

2) In this Virtual Classroom slide, you will insert the background that you create with the design template (above). Here, you can put the clickable pieces or textboxes and create any links that you want.

3) A Bulletin Board Slide. You can duplicate this slide for as many class periods that you have. Then you can link to each bulletin board slide from the main classroom page.

Terms of Use:

* The images within this file are for your own personal virtual classroom creation. You may not use it in any commercial product. The images are sized for web-use only; they are not 300 PPI and are not meant to be used as clipart in a print publication.

(C) Bethany Lau at Science with Mrs. Lau

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