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The goal of this lab is to introduce students to Drosophila melanogaster in a fun approachable, virtual way!

The lab helps students understand why scientists use Drosophila and how scientists actually use crosses to investigate new mutation alleles they discover in their labs. The crosses are relatively simple (no dihybrids, only one trait crosses).

Students should work with the files in EDIT mode, not PRESENT mode. Parts 2-4 have some fun GIFs with moving flies!

This virtual lab contains four separate parts. Below you will find the student file links and the teacher key file links. I recommend having all students do Part 1 first. Then you could have each student do Parts 2, 3, and 4 in order, OR you could have different students do Part 2 or 3 or 4 and report back and discuss as a class. Parts 2, 3, and 4 highlight different types of inheritance and work great as comparison tools!

Part 1 teaches students all about fruit flies, teaches them how to identify different phenotypes, males and females! Students also can have fun making up some creative phenotype names.

In parts 2-4, students investigate three different types of inheritance.

Part 2 has students cross wild type flies with stubble flies.

Part 3 has students cross curly wing flies with wildtype flies.

Part 4 has students cross white eyed flies with wildtype (red eyed) flies.

The file you will receive from this resource is a Word document that has all the Google ™ Slides links you need, including links to student files and teacher keys.

Created by Bethany Lau, © Science with Mrs. Lau.

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