Virtual Alien Evolution Scenario made for Google Slides

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The goal of this lab is to introduce students to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium conditions in a fun approachable, virtual way!

The goal of this virtual scenario is to introduce students to population genetics and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium without the difficult math!

The lab helps them understand the conditions required for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium using scenario based “data” centered around a fictional alien solar system. Each planet in the solar system has different conditions and students will use simple calculations (only taking the average and addition skills needed!) to discover how these conditions affect allele frequencies.

Students should work with the files in EDIT mode, not PRESENT mode.

This virtual “lab” contains four separate parts. Below you will find the student file links and the teacher key file links. I recommend having all students do each part sequentially. Each part should take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

Part 1: Introduction to the Alien Solar System, Simple Genetics Review, and Population Size

(Completion time ~ 20 minutes)

Part 2: Founder Effect and Immigration Effects

(Completion time ~ 10 minutes)

Part 3: Mutation, Nonrandom Mating, and Natural Selection

(Completion time ~ 20 minutes)

Part 4: Summary

(Completion time ~ 10 minutes)

The file you will receive from this resource is a Word document that has all the Google ™ Slides links you need, including links to student files and teacher keys.

Created by Bethany Lau, © Science with Mrs. Lau.

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