Chemistry Unit 8: Chemical Reactions Homework Pages

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Author: Bethany Lau

These high school chemistry worksheets are full of pictures, diagrams, and deeper questions covering all aspects of chemical reactions! This unit is meant to cover the basics of chemical reactions (combustion, synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement) along with solubility and metal reactivity.

These 20 pages provide a lot of ways a teacher could differentiate because they provide options for teachers. Teachers can cover these concepts all separately:

1) Balancing and classifying equations

2) Predicting reactions (given that the reaction can occur)

3) Predicting reactions (given that a reaction in a question may or may not occur, students have to decide!)

Each type of reaction (synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, combustion) are treated separately and teachers can teach them separately and have students practice using these pages.

This unit is designed to help students practice these skills that are important for the rest of the year in chemistry.

This unit contains these pages:

1. Chemical Equation Basics

2. Solubility Basics

3. Is It Soluble?

4. Reactivity Series Practice

5. Write Chemical Equation from Sentence

6. Write a Sentence from a Chemical Equation

7. Oxidation Numbers

8. Balance and Classify: Synthesis and Decomposition Reactions

9. Balance and Classify: Single Replacement Reactions

10. Balance and Classify: Double Replacement

11. Balance: Combustion Reactions

12. Balance: Challenge Questions

13. Net Ionic Reactions for Precipitation Reactions

14. Predict Products: Decomposition Reactions

15. Predict Products: Single Replacement Reactions I (All react)

16. Predict Products: Single Replacement Reactions II (Some react, some don't)

17. Balance and Predict Nonmetal Replacement Reactions

18. Predict Products: Double Replacement Reactions (All react)

19. Predict Products: Precipitation Reactions (Some react, some don't)

20. Predict Products: Mixed Type Problems


Each page will be unique. Each is designed to roughly cover the material that I would teach in an hour long class period. These are terrific for daily homework assignments because they don’t take too long to complete.

These pages have been carefully designed in Illustrator. I have created a unique set of questions to help students to review material taught in class and think deeper about the material. Many of the pages ask students to highlight or color something, to identify items in a diagram, to match related concepts, or interact with a topic in a new way. Many of the pages ask students to connect more than one concept; they are intended to help students see the bigger picture in each unit. A few pages ask students to use the internet to do a little research.

If you own any of my other resources, don’t worry about repeat pages. These homework pages are truly unique and separate from my activities. These homework pages will truly complement any activities or resources you already have or use in your class.

Homework Page Implementation Suggestions:

* First of all, I don’t grade it. I learned in my early teaching years that when I grade homework, I am rewarding students who copied off of their one studious friend the period before my class, and I am penalizing students who have limited educational time outside of school. I often give time at the end of the period to work on “homework” pages. Often, I start off the next day’s class with the answer key projected onto some sort of screen (ELMO or projector) so that students can check their answers as they walk in. My students know that they will do better in my class if they do the homework and I care about effort more than being correct.

* Answer keys are included (for almost all of the pages, where it makes sense to have an answer key). I designed these pages to be pretty simple to grade, if you want to do that.

* In my time as a teacher, I have noticed that for some reason, homework assignments that have more than one side of a page are just neglected by students. If I hand out a one sided homework page and tell them, here’s your homework, they say, yay, it’s just 1 page! They will often at least start it if not finish it before the end of the day. I really think there is a psychological barrier to starting an assignment with two sides. Call me crazy, but test it out! Try giving my homework assignments and watch your class actually do their homework!

* A way to save paper would be to print all of the homework assignments and copy them as a packet. This is great to give students all at once in the beginning of the unit, so they have every page in advance, which works great if they’re absent!

All files are non-editable PDFs. They are non-editable to protect the images that are copyrighted and purchased through licenses. Thanks for understanding!

(C) Bethany Lau

All Rights Reserved.

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