Chemistry Unit 6-7 Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature

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Author: Bethany Lau

This bundle contains all of my Unit 6/7 Chemistry Doodle Diagrams: Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature. (I am calling it Units 6 and 7 because my homework for Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature Units are 6 and 7.)

All sets contain a PDF and a Google Slides compatible version of the notes!

Unit 6/7: Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature

1. Chemical Bonds and Electronegativity

2. Ionic and Covalent Compound Naming

3. Electron Dot Diagrams and Lewis Structures Part 1

4. Electron Dot Diagrams and Lewis Structures Part 2

5. VSEPR and Molecular Shape

6. Molecular Polarity

7. Bond Energy

8. Lattice Energy

9. Intermolecular Forces vs Intramolecular Bonds

10. Liquid Properties

11. Solid Properties

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