Chemistry Unit 11 Thermochemistry Doodle Diagrams

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Author: Bethany Lau

This bundle contains all of my Unit 11 Chemistry Doodle Diagrams: Thermochemistry

All sets contain a PDF and a Google Slides compatible version of the notes!

NOTE: These sets build upon a few other past sets that are not included in this set - Energy Basics, Bond Energy, and Lattice Energy (and also the Gas Laws Unit)

Unit 11: Thermochemistry

1. Pressure-Volume Work

2. Enthalpy and Specific Heat

3. Phase Changes (Heat of Fusion and Heat of Vaporization)

4. Time-Temperature Graphs and Phase Diagrams

5. Molality, Colligative Properties and Melting Point Changes

6. Heat Energy Exchanges and Simple Calorimeters

7. Standard Enthalpy of Formation and Standard Enthalpy of Reaction

8. Hess' Law, Born-Haber Cycle (in more depth than in Unit 8 Lattice Energy Set) and Enthalpy Diagrams

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