Biology Unit 8 Doodle Diagram Notes for Genetics

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Author: Bethany Lau

This bundle contains all of my Unit 8 Biology Doodle Diagrams: Genetics.

Unit 8: Genetics

1. Alleles (1 student page)

2. Introduction to Mendel (Important note: this only deals with the Law of Segregation and Law of Dominance; the Law of Independent Assortment will be covered in the Dihybrid set) (3 student pages)

3. Introduction to Punnett Squares (3 student pages)

4. Incomplete and Codominance (3 student pages)

5. X-Linked Inheritance (2 student pages)

6. Sex Determination in Humans and other Organisms (2 student pages)

7. Lethal Alleles (sample freebie!)

8. Dihybrid Crosses and Linked/Unlinked Genes

9. Pedigrees

10. Polygenic Inheritance/Epistasis

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