Biology Interactive Diagrams for Google Slides All Year Bundle

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This year long bundle is terrific for science teachers teaching their students in a distance learning or blended learning environment. These click-and-learn diagrams are Google Slides files designed to be used in several possible ways.

* First, the teacher can use them to click and reveal different parts of the lesson as they teach on their own teaching video, which is ideal for flipped classrooms and other blended learning model classrooms.

* Second, the teacher could provide a student with their own copy of these interactive diagrams so that students can click and read and learn as they go!

These click-and-learn diagrams are designed to directly complement my Doodle Diagram Notes. You can purchase these interactive click-and-learn diagrams along with the doodle diagram notes for a year by going to the bundle here.

Units that will be included:

Unit 1: Introduction to Life

Unit 2: Biochemistry

Unit 3: Cells & Organelles

Unit 4: Cell Transport

Unit 5: Cell Energetics (Photosynthesis & Respiration)

Unit 6: Cell Division

Unit 7: Protein Synthesis

Unit 8: Genetics

Unit 9: Evolution

Unit 10: Ecology

Unit 11: Biotechnology

If you have any questions, please let me know!


1. Are these appropriate for Middle School Life Science?

They may be adapted for middle school course, especially some of the earlier units! Please check out previews of individual sets to see if they would be appropriate for your class.

2. Are these editable?

Yes! The images are NOT editable but the content text is editable. You can change the text in regular mode or Masterview mode in Google Slides.

3. Will these work in Powerpoint?

Yes! You will need to download as a Powerpoint within Google Slides on your Google Drive and then you will be able to save it as a Powerpoint.

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