Animal and Plant Cells Doodle Diagrams

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Author: Bethany Lau

This set of guided notes with biology doodles can be little anchor charts for your student to keep in their notebook! Using these pages, students can color, doodle, and make connections within the material as they takes notes in class.

These pages help students identify structures within plant and animal cells and have spaces for notes about organelles that are unique to both!

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This topic is usually introduced in the cells and organelles unit of biology class.

There are three student pages:

1. Animal Cell: There is a large diagram and a section about animal-specific organelles (the centrosome!)

2. Plant Cell: There is a large diagram and a section about plant-specific organelles (very basics about the chloroplast, mitochondria, nucleus)

3. Other Organelles: This is a bonus page that covers notes about the organelles that I don't cover in any other doodle diagrams (Lysosome, Cytoskeleton, and Smooth ER). I have other doodle diagrams in other sets that focus on the nucleus, the mitochondria, the chloroplast, rough ER, Golgi, ribosome, and vesicles.

Google compatible version added!

Included in the PDF file:

* Student Sample (3 pages)

* Teacher Tips/Discussion Tips (4 pages)

* Teacher Answer Key (3 pages)

* Three different options for student pages (3 different options of the same 3 student pages)

* Three different pages with exit tickets (1/4 page size). I also include an answer key for teachers for these exit tickets.

All files are non-editable PDFs. They are non-editable to protect the images that are copyrighted and purchased through licenses. Thanks for understanding!

(C) Bethany Lau

All Rights Reserved.

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