School Purchase Orders:

Here at Science with Mrs. Lau, we are happy to accept purchase orders from schools and administrators who would like to purchase terrific resources to support their teachers and their students.

Please note that all prices listed on this site are for single-teacher use licenses.

Additional licenses are 10% off the normal price.  If you are purchasing 5+ licenses, please email for additional discount information.

Recently, we have streamlined our purchase order system.  Teachers, please download the following instructions in this PDF to get information and access to an easy Google Doc you can use to help you prepare your school purchase order and communicate your needs to your school personnel in charge of purchasing.

The PDF instructions also come with an information page you can use to communicate information about Science with Mrs. Lau to your administrator or department head in charge of purchasing decisions.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at for more information or for a W-9/other required paperwork for your district.