Doodle Diagram Note Reviews

My doodle diagram notes are truly my "babies".  

For years as a teacher, I wished I had notes for myself and my students with different versions I could use with advanced or basic level students.  I wanted GOOD diagrams, thorough explanations for me and my students, and I wanted everything to be laid out in a clear logical way.  I wanted material with depth deep enough for high school but not too deep.  

So I took two years to create them: one year to write all the bio, one year to write all the chem.

Below, you will find reviews from teachers who love them as much as I do.

I have purchased many products from Mrs. Lau and am looking forward to using the Doodles. I LOVE her graphics - they are clear and easy to understand. I teach many different high school levels of Biology and find them applicable to all of the levels. I liked the idea of interactive notebooks which I tried at the beginning of the year but found that we spent so much time cutting, pasting and organizing that I lost valuable instructional time. I'm hoping I can incorporate the Doodles as a compromise. I would recommend checking out Mrs. Lau's other resources as well. 

This resource is absolutely amazing! I have been trying to improve my instruction and incorporate more visual learning, and this is PERFECT! I love the differentiated versions, because some students have learning difficulties that make it difficult to write/process while taking notes, so the fill in the blank is wonderful. Yet I can also use this for my honors classes! Thank you for all your hard work you put into this!

Love these notes. the diagrams are wonderful, the layouts are easy to follow. I have found that working through these with my students while having a discussion tends to help them retain the information. As the year has progressed they have told me that they prefer these to traditional notes. I really like that there are different levels of each topic, so depending on the level of your students (or how in depth you want to cover the topic) you can have just the right set to fit their needs.

These are amazing. I cannot begin to describe how much I LOVE these. The teacher notes, the options for all my students, everything is wonderful. I want these for everything I teach and then some. They just great. Keep making them!

I absolutely LOVE these notes and my kids love them too! It breaks everything down into manageable chunks for my students and since it looks so different compared to their other notes, they have no trouble keeping up with them!

I can't say enough good things about these doodle diagrams. They are great for differentiation, pacing, easy to use and they make lesson planning a breeze. My student's understanding of the topics has come more quickly and I have been able to go a little further with the topics since I started using these. They match well with the whole year bundle of biology homework. I am already excited to start next year using this bundle from the beginning.