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  • Helping out teachers: One Live Picture at a time

    (Linky hosted by Workin’ on it Wednesday!) Yesterday, I received some feedback from a happy teacher who suggested I add in pictures to my teacher instructions for my popular Biochemistry with Beads lessons.  I thought, wow that’s genius!  I am not sure why I didn’t think of it before!  So, that is what I am […]

  • My First Year Flashback

        Today, I’m linking up with Laurah J from ESOL Odyssey to tell you about my first year teaching!   What age group and subject were you teaching? My first year teaching was in one of the best private schools in the nation, in a suburb of Philadelphia.  I was very blessed to have been hired!  […]

  • New Teacher Tip #6: Call Parents with Good News!

    Calling parents is something that gives every new teacher the jitters.  Ok, more than jitters.  Nightmares.  Often times when we have to call home, it’s not with good news.  The student who gets a phone call home is usually in trouble. So I made it a policy as a new teacher to make a phone […]

  • Why blog?

    This blog’s purpose is to provide resources for high school science teachers looking for useful ways to improve their classroom, their teaching materials, and their lessons!     Hong Kong Harbor Who am I?  I am a mom who taught in both private and public high schools before I decided to take some time away […]