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  • Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Helping all students, including students with special needs and English language learners, in high school science classroom is a challenge.  In this blog series, I will focus on a few different techniques that teachers can use to help each and every student in their class succeed.  Some of these techniques can also help other students […]

  • Using LEGO® Bricks to Model DNA Replication

      One day, I was playing in my living room with my almost 3 year old son and we were building with his Lego® Bricks.  My living room floor pretty much always looks like this: I have had a teaching challenge simmering in my head for a while now.  How do I help students really […]

  • Teaching Vocabulary

    Teaching Vocabulary

    For a lot of students, I think the hardest thing about science is the vocabulary or the language scientists use in scientific papers, textbooks, or other teaching materials.  Hypothesis?  Endoplasmic Reticulum? Nucleolus vs Nucleus vs Nucleoid?  Chromosome vs Chromatin vs Chromatid?  It can be very hard for students to get these words straight.   Why […]

  • Teaching about Karyotypes and Chromosomes

    My students have always been fascinated with karyotypes.  I usually teach about karyotypes right after  long unit on cellular respiration and photosynthesis, right before I get into mitosis and meiosis.  Students often have a lot of misconceptions about chromosomes and karyotypes. Here are a few web resources and teaching ideas you can use when teaching […]

  • Teaching About Viruses: Web Resources and a Reading Lesson

    With all of the Ebola and Enterovirus news lately, I created a list of web resources for teachers looking for accurate information and teaching resources on viruses.  All of these links work as of 11/15/2014! Viral Life Cycle: A HHMI Viral Life Cycle Animation: Life Cycle Animation: Retrovirus Life Cycle Animation: Flu […]

  • Task Cards: 6 Reasons to Love Them and a How-To-Guide

    As teachers look for more ways to differentiate, they always stumble upon task cards and wonder how can I use these?  What extra stationary materials do I need?  Will they actually help my students?  Why are they all the rage these days? Ok, here is why every teacher should try out task cards to see […]