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  • Designing the Exoplanet Adventure

    What does end-of-the-year-review look like in your classroom?    I know in my biology classroom, I had review packets that the diligent students grudgingly filled in over a few class periods (and the not-as-motivated students simply ignored).  I always wanted to create some sort of fun-review activity to get students thinking and reviewing their knowledge […]

  • How to be an awesome mentor teacher

      My first teacher job was a split math and biology position at a great private school.  I was brand new, and I mean BRAND NEW!  I had previously taught and tutored several subjects in math and science, but I had never had my own class of high schoolers before and my degrees were not […]

  • 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

      Thank you for following my blog and using my resources in your classroom!  I’m doing 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways for my email subscribers.  I’ll be sending out gifts every day.   When you enter, you’ll be subscribing to my email list.  I email my subscribers with periodic tips, freebies, and information about sales; […]

  • Ten more tips for teaching ELL science

    Ten MORE Tips for Teaching ELL Science

    Students come into our classroom every day with more and challenges.  We as teachers want to do all we can to help ALL of our students succeed, no matter where they came from and what language they speak at home.  Teaching science to ELL students is a challenge because as ELL students are learning English, […]

  • Five Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Classroom

    5 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Classroom

    Read on to get some fantastic tips from a terrific teacher, Lacey VanBuskirk, I invited to write this post! We’ve all been there. Stuck in the rut of giving notes, passing out an assignment, grading the assignment, and ending with a test. This is something I clung to in my first few years of teaching. […]

  • How to: Teaching Annotation in Science Class

    Tips for Teaching Annotation in Science Class

    This guest post was written by a friend of mine, Kristin Lee, who writes terrific resources for teachers who want to help their students with scientific literacy!   Scientific Literacy is becoming an increasingly important set of skills for our students and to our society at large. How do I tell fact from fiction? What is […]

  • Biology Doodle Diagram Notes in The Classroom

    The skill that most students lack in middle school and high school, in every class, is how to take notes. So often, they are entirely lost. Many teachers expect them to have a blank notebook page, watch a Powerpoint, and listen to the teacher lecture.  And somehow know what is important enough to write down.  And physically […]

  • Free Periodic Table with updated names!

    It’s about that time of year and a lot of teachers are teaching the periodic table.  This is just a quick blog post to let you know of a free resource you can download to help your students in their chemistry studies. One of the keys of studying the periodic table is to have an […]

  • Ten Tips for Teaching ELL Science

    This guest blog post was written by my friend Becca over at Science Rocks! She is a terrific teacher with a lot of experience working with ELL students in her science classroom and I collaborated with her in writing this post. I think her ideas are full of fantastic tips for teachers who teach English Language […]

  • Tips for Dealing with Student Absences

      One unique challenge of the middle school and high school teacher is dealing with the numerous absences that happen in any given week or even any given day!   How many of you have seen the following scenario happen?   You start your day and students begin streaming in for first period class.  A […]

  • Tips for Teaching Polyatomic Ions

    I try to avoid having students memorize things, when possible.  I think it is far more valuable to be able to figure something out from other information or to be able to read and write science or to be able to think through a stoichiometry problem.  But when it comes to polyatomic ions, students just […]