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  • Ten Tips for Teaching ELL Science

    This guest blog post was written by my friend Becca over at Science Rocks! She is a terrific teacher with a lot of experience working with ELL students in her science classroom and I collaborated with her in writing this post. I think her ideas are full of fantastic tips for teachers who teach English Language […]

  • Tips for Scaffolding in the Chemistry Classroom

      Scaffolding, as many of you know, is a term educational experts (or people who want to sound fancy) use to describe how to break down a concept for students so that they can reach a goal or a level you want them to.  It’s like building a ladder (or scaffolding around a building being […]

  • Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Helping all students, including students with special needs and English language learners, in high school science classroom is a challenge.  In this blog series, I will focus on a few different techniques that teachers can use to help each and every student in their class succeed.  Some of these techniques can also help other students […]