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  • Using Color to Organize the Secondary Classroom

    As a secondary classroom teacher, have you ever seen all the wonderfully colorful primary classrooms on pinterest and feel a little jealous? In my years of teaching, I have yet to have a room to really call my own.  I’ve always had to share and I’ve always been the non-senior person sharing that room.  In […]

  • Weekly Lab Setup Tips for New Science Teachers

    I know as a new teacher there is a lot to take in.  Class schedules (rotating!), a teacher planner, 100+ names and faces to memorize, bulletin boards to set up, class routines to decide on, and more.  But a new SCIENCE teacher?!  If you’re a new science teacher, you’ve got to figure out a whole […]

  • How to Survive the End of the Year: A Science Teacher's Guide

    How to Survive the End of the Year: A Science Teacher’s Guide

    You survived the onslaught of spring standardized tests.  Barely, after losing a few brain cells literally staring at struggling or bored students for hours on end.  (I swear proctoring is worse than actually taking an exam.)   If you teach seniors, you survived the getting-into-college weeks and even the College Decision Deadline.  Spring break is […]

  • Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Differentiation in the Science Classroom #1: In the Lab

    Helping all students, including students with special needs and English language learners, in high school science classroom is a challenge.  In this blog series, I will focus on a few different techniques that teachers can use to help each and every student in their class succeed.  Some of these techniques can also help other students […]

  • Best classroom management tip ever!

    I learned this tip from my alternate route night school teacher, Captain David Wick.  He is a real captain who sails boats on the weekends.  And I cannot tell you how much it has helped my classroom function.  It truly has helped more than anything else I learned in night school when I was going […]