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  • Biology Homework for The Whole Year? Yes, please.

      This summer, I decided I wanted to work on a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  While I was teaching (I’m home right now with my kids for a few years), I had a tough time finding meaningful homework assignments to give in biology.  So many textbook questions had just cookie-cutter […]

  • Use a Molecule Viewer in High School Biology: STAR Biochem

    Use a Molecule Viewer in High School Biology: STAR Biochem

    Have you ever wanted to show your students what proteins or other molecules actually look like but struggled to use the 3D molecule or protein viewers?  Some of the programs available are really slow to load on not-state-of-the-art computers (who in education has state of the art computers??) and some of them are so difficult […]

  • Teaching Biochemistry in High School

    Teaching Biochemistry in High School

      One of the most difficult units in high school biology to learn (and to teach!) is the biochemistry chapter.  The complex vocabulary and the abstract concepts make this unit seem like a foreign language to most students.  I know because for the first few years of teaching, all of my students had the same […]

  • Teaching About Viruses: Web Resources and a Reading Lesson

    With all of the Ebola and Enterovirus news lately, I created a list of web resources for teachers looking for accurate information and teaching resources on viruses.  All of these links work as of 11/15/2014! Viral Life Cycle: A HHMI Viral Life Cycle Animation: Life Cycle Animation: Retrovirus Life Cycle Animation: Flu […]