Snowflake Stoichiometry: the perfect way to review the factor label method

This past week, my goal was to create a short but meaningful winter-themed activity for teachers to use. During the holiday season, it can be tough to keep kids on task and this year is no exception.

In this activity, the goal is to review the factor label method and do some stoichiometry-type questions with snowflakes, water crystals, and water molecules!

For teachers who are teaching virtually or in a hybrid scenario, there is a Google slides version! Students drag-and-drop the quantities into the factor label method, use their calculator, and then type in the answer into their box on the Google Slides.

For teachers who are teaching in-class, even high schoolers like to cut-and paste! There is a separate printable PDF with student pages and there is a printable PDF with teacher pages included.

This activity is meant to take about 15-20 minutes to complete and could work great for a holiday-week class or even a sub plan in a pinch!

You can find it here on Teachers Pay Teachers or here on my website. Happy Holidays!

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