How to Create Your Own Virtual Science Lab Classroom

In this digital learning world we find ourselves in, a lot of teachers are looking for ways to connect with our students. (You can read more distance learning tips here on this blog post.) We all need a central location to share lesson links, share assignments, and communicate. One way to make this fun and efficient is to create a Google Slides Virtual Classroom!

There are a bunch of great templates available (if you are an elementary teacher or an art teacher, check out these here!)

I decided to create one for science teachers that is both fun to customize and build, but it will also be super easy to update each week with lesson links and assignment links for students! I put together a bunch of different science lab specific furniture and items you can use to customize your virtual lab classroom! Teachers can also insert their own favorite avatar (Bitmoji is one type teachers are using and one I like) and your own posters or book cover images.

One unique feature is that I set up additional “bulletin board” slides that teachers can use to create links for each class period they teach! Those slides can be linked to from the main virtual classroom slide. I think this would work great in this way: teachers could create this Google Slides in the beginning of the year, share the “view-only” link with students, and teachers could edit the slides each week with updated lesson links, but the student link they were given stays the same!

Here is a video showing what you can do with this customizable template.

Customize your own virtual science lab classroom!

You can check out this template and instruction set here. It is also available on Teachers Pay Teachers here..

Besides having a visual “eboard” and key place to put announcements and lesson links, this could be used a number of cool ways! There are other ideas here on this blog post from my friend over at Glitter Meets Glue!

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