Virtual Fly Lab

Teachers are looking everywhere right now for virtual labs to do with their students and traditionally, the spring is all about genetics, evolution, and ecology in my biology class.

Everyone is looking for creative solutions for teaching digitally. One teacher recently messaged me and told me, that right before this pandemic hit, she was going to start her class fruit fly lab and now she was trying to keep the flies alive in her kitchen, hoping that schools would re-open soon!

I think we all agree that using actual flies for an at-home lab would not be ideal – can you imagine the parent emails you’d get if you sent everyone home with a vial of red eyed and white eyed beauties?

So I worked on this solution to help teachers who use Google Classroom and would like a virtual fruit fly lab to help them teach genetics! You can watch the Facebook/Youtube video I made to show off the features of this lab. In the “lab”, students identify different phenotypes, males and females, and examine three different traits and figure out what type of allele produces a particular mutant phenotype!

You can watch a 10 minute long preview below and check it out in my store here.

Virtual Fruit Fly Video Preview

Virtual Fruit Fly Lab

You can check out this virtual fruit fly lab in my website store here.

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