An Anytime Science Activity Menu

It’s the holiday season right now and there is so much going on.  I know in my own life, besides work, I have holiday shopping to do (some online, some I have to do in store), I’ve got my own kids’ friends’ birthday parties to shuttle my kids to, parent teacher conferences in the next few weeks, AND holiday travel plans to finalize and pack for.  Holiday concerts, fire drills, assemblies, and so many other things often interrupt our class schedule and it can be hard in December to teach and make every minute count when minutes are few and scattered.

This holiday, I want to send you a free activity menu I put together that can help you make class time fun, educational, and easier to manage over the next few weeks.  Subscribe with the form at the bottom of this post and you’ll get access to my free resource library, where I just added this! (If you already subscribe, look in your emails for your last email for the resource library link.)

It’s a science activity menu that gives students an option for a mini-project: a comic strip, a poem, a self-written quiz, a concept map, a trick-your-math-teacher-word-problem, and several others!

You can give this activity to your students and have them do in class or outside if they are missing class and the best thing about it: it includes a self-assessment part!  Students are encouraged to grade themselves and analyze their own understanding of the science concept they chose to demonstrate in their mini-project.  (And there is a little space for you to also score them and add a quick comment!)

I hope your students love it and it gives you and your students a chance to get creative, learn, and also work around a busy schedule!  Have a great holiday season!

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