Teaching Quantum Numbers

What’s one of the hardest topics to teach in chemistry?  Quantum numbers!!  It’s really difficult for students to understand – so much of it is based on quantum mechanics and physics principles that are beyond the scope of a high school chemistry course.

Here is a creative activity you could have students complete at the end of your electron arrangement and quantum numbers chapter!  The goal is for students to display their understanding of electrons, orbitals, and quantum numbers and have fun doing it.  You could encourage them to write a love letter, a poem, a vacation-wish-you-were-here, or anything they can come up with on their postcard!

You can download it using the form below.

Inside the PDF, you’ll see teacher instructions and suggestions, student instructions (half a page), postcard template, and a sample!

If you do the project, I’d love to see how they come out!  Tag me in instagram and show off your student postcards. 🙂



Chemical Compound Naming Activity

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