February 7-8: Teachers Pay Teachers Sale!

Teachers Pay Teachers is having their two day winter sale, starting today, February 7th, and ending February 8th! You can save a whole lot on resources for your science classroom!

When they have a sale, I always put my store on sale for 20% off. That way, when you checkout with TPT’s coupon code LOVETpT, you save an additional 10% off that, which comes to 28% off total. Already discounted bundles are also an additional 28% off!

How it works:

1. Go to my store and fill up your cart!

Here are some key biology teacher resources that you might want to check out:

Biology Homework for a Year Bundle: This bundle took me over 8 months to create and it includes over 100+ unique homework pages that you can use with your students throughout the year to give them practice, review key topics, and challenge them to think! The individual 10 units are also for sale and you can find more information about this bundle here.

*NEW – JUST ADDED* Understanding Phylogenetic Tree Activity: I designed this activity out of a desperate need. There are so few resources online that breakdown exactly how to interpret a phylogenetic tree! In this activity, students will go through 3 separate short readings and diagrams and questions and color trees along the way.

Understanding Genetics with Robots: This activity packet is truly unique. I invented a way for students to connect protein synthesis, mutations, and genetics, all in a fun cut and paste activity where they cut and paste different parts of cute robots together. If you’re teaching genetics soon, you could really help your students understand the “why” and “how” genes work with this activity.

Alien Evolution: How hard is Hardy Weinberg genetics? Sometimes what holds students back is the math. I created this POGIL-esque activity to help students understand Hardy Weinberg conditions and populations, but on a more conceptual basis. The only math involved is calculating allele frequencies (no harder than taking an average!) If you’re teaching evolution right after genetics, this activity is a great connection activity.

2. Go to the checkout and enter the code: LOVETPT

This code will give you an additional 10% off!

With love and many thanks for all that you do for science students around the globe!


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