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Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Back to School Sitewide Sale and everything in my store will be up to 28% off.  This includes my already-moneysaving bundles.  

I think about teaching and how to teach better a lot.  I took a break from teaching for a few years to raise my small kids and in my spare time (when they take naps or after they go to bed), I create lessons that I always wished I had when I was teaching.  I imagine what it will be like to go back in a few years.  What resources can I create now that will save me time when I’m a working mom with kids in elementary school who need me after school?  Here are a few examples of the things I’ve created that I always wished I had:


  1. Backup sub plans, ready at any moment’s notice: No one wants to be typing up lesson plans for a sub, or worse yet, typing a worksheet in desperation to find something that your students can do while you’re spending your day on your bathroom floor.  In science, it’s really hard to find sub plans that are 1) level appropriate for high school and 2) appropriate for any time of year.  I wrote this lesson plan bundle that is great for building science literacy but can be completed with a sub!



2.  Homework Pages for the Whole Year: As I was teaching, I started to work on creating homework pages for each topic of the year.  So many homework questions in the textbook or found online are just text-based questions.  No diagrams.  No pictures.  A lot of them are just simple recall.  This is my latest project: a single-sided homework page for every topic for the whole year of biology.  I’m in the middle of creating this bundle.  You can check it out here.


photosynthesis activitiesSlide1

3.  Hands-on Learning Activities: For many of the chapters in first year biology, I’ve created coloring diagram pages, cut-and-paste pages, and other activities to really help students learn and understand biology.  You can check out a bunch of them in my store here.


What do you wish you had to make your teaching year the best year ever?  Let me know in the comments below!




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