Biology Homework for The Whole Year? Yes, please.



This summer, I decided I wanted to work on a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  While I was teaching (I’m home right now with my kids for a few years), I had a tough time finding meaningful homework assignments to give in biology.  So many textbook questions had just cookie-cutter look-up-the-exact-sentence answers.  So many questions were just plain text-based questions with no deeper thinking, or they were confusing.


I always wished that I had homework pages for my students that:


– had diagrams and pictures!  Biology is visual.  Why are so many textbook questions and other worksheets just lines of text?
– had deeper connecting questions that helped students draw connections between concepts and units
– asked students to really interact: color, draw part of a diagram, highlight, or analyze a graph or a diagram.


Back then, I didn’t have the resources to create pictures and diagrams for my assignments (how many teachers have the time for that?!)  But now that I’m designing lessons from home while I care for my kids, I have the time.  And I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator so I can really make awesome diagrams.  I set out to design a year’s worth of homework pages, one sided pages for each major topic I cover in Biology, from the Introduction to Life to Ecology.


This bundle of homework pages is a labor of love.  I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about how best to connect things for students.  I created many of the diagrams and pictures myself.


I just completed four units of biology homework pages (Intro to Life, Biochem, Cells, and Cell Transport) and I just uploaded them as a growing bundle.  When you purchase a growing bundle, you buy the bundle at a lower price and get all future units free!  The current price is half of what it will eventually be (or less than half price).  The bundle will eventually have over 100 pages in it.  When I finish the next unit (Cell Energetics) I will let my list subscribers know and I will be raising the price as I add units.  If you want to know when the next units are available, make sure you sign up for my store updates emails.


Also, check out this freebie sample page: Protein Structure and Protein Folding.

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