Teachers Pay Teachers Site-Wide Sale, an Instagram giveaway, and a linkup!


Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a site-wide sale!  I will be putting my store on sale at 20% off, so with the coupon code “CELEBRATE”, you will receive 28% off everything.  Even my already reduced bundles!


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To celebrate teacher appreciation week, I‘m throwing a giveaway on Instagram.  Follow me over there and enter to win a $20 TPT gift card!  I’ll be taking entries through Tuesday and I’ll pick a winner early Wednesday morning (May 4)!


I am definitely going to be taking advantage of this sale to stock up on end of the year resources and resources for the fall.  What’s on your wish list?  I’m in a fonts craving phase right now and I can’t wait to buy some fonts to use in my resources.  I have EPIC plans for this summer (more on this coming soon!)


In addition, I’m linking up with Teaching in the Tongass and featuring my 3 most wish listed items.

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The top wish listed item in my store is my Color Your Own Karyotype Lesson. This lesson is a straightforward coloring activity that really opens kids eyes to the possibilities of chromosome rearrangements.  One cool question it answers is how you can be more related to one grandparent than another. (You’re not 25% from each!!)  My class takes this activity, each student completes it using the colors of their choice, and I can make a whole wall of karyotype posters from each student, showing how each is unique.



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The second most wish listed item is my hands-on biochemistry bundle of activities.  The great thing is I just re-vamped this package and made it even better!  (If you already own this resource, please re-download!) Each activity has straightforward instructions for both teachers and their students.  Each student group can build macromolecules out of simple materials (beads, pipe cleaners, and paper clips).  Most of the items can be found at the dollar store nearest to you.


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The third popular wishlisted item is my Middle School Genetics with plastic easter eggs activity packet.  This packet contains a whole week of activities based around a bunch of plastic easter eggs… with googley eyes!!  In this lesson series, students in groups learn about alleles, chromosomes, dominant and recessive alleles, and the basics of genetics.


What’s on your wish list?  Stop by my store and check out the resources for busy science teachers.


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