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Thank you so much for supporting my store over the last 2 years.  This creative outlet has become an important way I help support my family as I take a few years off of teaching to raise my 4 year old son and my 4 month old daughter.  I am thankful for each and everyone who shops in my store and I would love to hear stories about how my resources have helped you and your students in your classroom!  Please leave a comment below or email me at mrs.bethany.lau at  I would love to hear from your stories, of your struggles, successes, and victories in the classroom.  If you use my resource in your classroom and take a picture, you can also tag me with @sciencemrslau on instagram!  It would be wonderful to hear from you all!


It kind of boggles my mind that there are 1000 of you who get an email when I upload something new I created!   As a gift to my favorite 1000 teachers, I am posting a brand new product today and it will be free for the first 48 hours as a thank you to my followers.  It’s my latest idea: a student poster project based on a framework given to them.  I am calling these projects “Guided Poster Projects”.  Often times when I assigned projects, some students struggle with how much detail to give, how in depth to go, and what is required.  This project gives students a framework of fill-in pages and ideas to get them started.  This could be especially helpful to students who struggle with writing or english language learners!  Please go here and download your free copy (for the first 48 hours!)  Thank you again for supporting me!

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