The Salvation of Doug and the Demise of Bill: What Genetics and Biochemistry Are All About

Now if this blog wasn’t nerdy enough after posts about Drosophila researchers and ken-and-barbie mutations, I am going to now highlight one of the best, but very nerdy resources on the web for teaching students what genetics and biochemistry are all about.


Geneticists and biochemists have traditionally been studying the same thing, but they approach the problem in very different ways.  They both want to learn what genes and the proteins (or RNA) they produce DO in the cell and what effects those genes and proteins have on the rest of the organism.


In the 1990s, there were two scientists who wrote humorous stories to really portray the friendly rivalry between them and poke fun at their friend’s method of studying science.  Read a news article about their rivalry and their two stories.


Hope you enjoy this reading!


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Tweet: I’m a biochemist at heart! #salvationofdoug #demiseofbill @sciencemrslau


Tweet: I’m a geneticist at heart! #salvationofdoug #demiseofbill @sciencemrslau



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