FREEBIE! Crystal Clear, Printable Periodic Table in Legal Size and 2 page Landscape Size

How many times have you had to do a search online to find a large, legible periodic table for a lesson?  There are a lot of periodic tables out there but the print is so small and my students often have difficulty reading the mass or atomic numbers.  I was sick of searching and searching, so I made my own!  This was made in Adobe Illustrator (my favorite program ever!).  It took a while to do, but it was worth it.  Print it out and have your students use different colors for the metalloids, metals, and nonmetals!  Or have your students color in electronegative atoms or any other periodic table trend!  There are so many possiblities when you have a plain and simple, clear diagram.  You can get the free legal size image file, by subscribing in the form below.

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