A Blast from the Past: A Cell Creative Writing Assignment

In 9th grade, I had an amazing biology teacher, Ms. DeRosa-Hill.  She was a teacher who did things in an out-of-the-box way.  I remember she encouraged creativity and often asked us to write lab reports that took the form of a letter to a testing supply company, a poem, or a creative story.  As a teacher, I really appreciate this now.  It’s not easy to come up with creative writing assignments for my students.  But having students write letters to a fake company to describe what went wrong in their experiment and how the materials supplied could be improved is genius!  I went back to visit my old high school about five years back and she said she remembered something I wrote that she absolutely loved and it was about two sports teams based on the Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.  I honestly had totally forgotten about the assignment until she reminded me.  And I wished I still had it.
Fast forward to today.  I am going through my old computer files and backing up stuff that I need to save.  I desperately need to get a new computer after I somehow recovered from a blue screen this morning.  And here I found it.  As I read it now and having earned a graduate degree in biology, I can’t help analyzing it for a few inaccuracies.  But hey, I wrote this as a 14 year old.  I look at this assignment and as a teacher, I appreciate the teacher who assigned it!  I wish I had the original assignment to show you, but all I have is my writing.  So here it is for your enjoyment.
Creative Writing Essay:  Organelles
 Sports Announcer for World Series
-the Eukaryotes vs. the Karyotic Pros
            Its the bottom of the ninth inning here at Cell Wall Stadium.  (You know, one of those stadiums that only allow some people in.)  This is the last game of the world series.  Right now, the Eukaryotes are up to bat.  Coach Bob Nucleus, the organelle who is in charge of the Eukaryotes, is shaking his head in the dug out.  It hasn’t been a good day for them so far.  The score is 7 to 6, the Karyotic Pros are winning.  Earlier today, Joe M. Lyosome, a great player on the Eukaryotes, struck out.  Lyosome has been known to often wash the players’ mouths out with soap when things get filthy.  He is often called “the cleanser”.  At the bottom of the eighth, John Golgi also struck out.  (He was the player to introduce Lyosome to the team.)  Anyway, back to the game.  Kyle Vacuole is up.  If the team wins today, he has promised to take all the players out to lunch after the game.  Ribosome is pitching.  He throws the pitch and Vacuole hits it straight down the middle.  The pitcher picks it up and throws it to first for an easy out.  Coach Nucleus will have to work on getting him in better shape.  Now it’s Andy “ER” Reticulum at bat.  (And no, he didn’t get his nickname from the television series.)  When he’s not in the game, he often sends messages back and forth between the coach and the players.  Ribosome throws a curve ball, but ER hits it into left field.  The left fielder gets it on a bounce and throws it to second base.  Andy has passed first and slides onto second before the second baseman catches it.  I can hear some cheering coming from the dug out.  It appears that the coach and his assistants, Jim Centri and Seth Ole, are screaming their hearts out down there.  (Centri and Ole are mainly in charge of finding good players for the team.)  Mike O. Chondria is also cheering.  (He takes care of buying all the PowerAde for the players.)  The coach decides to put his best player up at bat.  He always saves this last player for the grand finale.  This great player, although sometimes is ridiculed because of his color, is known to use all the heat and turn it into success.  Jeff “Green” Chloroplast is now up.  He swings once and misses.  He tries again, but fails.  The tension is on.  Ribosome is sweating on the pitcher’s mound.  There’s the pitch… and Chloroplast hits a homer!  Andy Reticulum runs home and so does Mr. “Green”.  The crowd goes wild!!  The Eukaryotes have won the world series and will go home today as the national champions.  And the Karyotic Pros have lost again.  They had better go home and figure out a way to get a coach like Nucleus for their team.
                       This is B. Redding from CBS  (Cellular Broadcasting System).  Have a good day!  


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