My goal as a science lesson writer is to write lessons I always wish I had while I was teaching.  

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Science with Mrs. Lau Resources
Biology Whole Year Worksheets
High School Science Reading and Sub Plans
Lab Report Writing Skills
Biotechnology Unit
Cell Transport Unit Coloring Activities
Cell Transport Unit Coloring Activities
Biochemistry Beads Pipe Cleaners Activity
Cell and Organelle Diagrams
Photosynthesis and Respiration Activities
Cell Division Coloring Pages
Enzymes Activities
High School Science Reading and Sub Plans
H1N1 Virus on a Plane High School Science Reading
Zombie Ants High School Science Reading
Prions in Milk Reading
Toxoplasma and Cats Reading
Shark Transcriptome Reading
X Inactivation and Twins Science Reading
Biochemistry Homework Worksheets
Biochemistry Beads Pipe Cleaners Activity
Biochemistry Nucleic Acids Activity
Biochemistry Proteins
Biochemistry Carbohydrates
Biochemistry Carbohydrates
Biochemistry Functional Groups Worksheet
Biochemistry Biology Task Cards
cells and organelles
Cell Diagrams
organelle readings and diagrams
Cell Class Project
Pond Organism Clipart
Cell Transport Unit Coloring Activities
cell membrane coloring activity
diffusion coloring activity
osmosis coloring activity
Facilitated Diffusion Coloring Activity
Active Transport and Sodium Potassium Pump Coloring Activity
Endocytosis and Exocytosis Coloring Activity
Pedigree Genetics Basic Lesson
DNA Replication Activity
Transcription Activity
Translation Activity
Transcription Translation Worksheet
Pedigree Genetics Basic Lesson
Advanced Pedigree Genetics Lesson
Pedigree Genetics Project
Pedigree Genetics Task Cards
Gingerbread Pedigree Genetics Problem Set
karyotype diagrams
Karyotype Coloring Activity
Alien Evolution: Hardy Weinberg Population Genetics
Mitosis and Meiosis Comparison Worksheet
Ploidy Worksheet - Haploid and Diploid and more
Explain Chromosome Abnormalities and Crossing Over Lesson