Who am I?

I am a mom who taught high school for several years before I decided to take time off to raise my son after he was born.  I taught many different levels of High School Biology, Geometry, Forensics, Genetics, and Ecology.  I miss teaching a lot. I miss the interactions with students.  I miss watching the lightbulbs come on in my students' heads.  And I actually miss lesson planning.  Yes, I admit it.  I am a closet lesson-planner geek.  I see ideas on how to teach genetics, stoichiometry, and geometry everywhere I go... IKEA.  Michaels.  Staples.  So I decided to make a small business out of my lesson planning passion, creating and selling science and math lessons online for and to other teachers, who want to save time and buy excellent resources they can really use!


What is my teaching style?

I like to do a hands-on simulation or lab activity as often as possible.  I also like to give my students a lot of diagrams and images to take notes on and to mark-up.  I think a lot of students fall through the cracks, because their note-taking skills and drawing skills hold them back in class.  They spend too much time in class copying notes (or attempting to) and they don't have time in class to truly absorb and think deeply about the material.  I have always struggled with note-taking myself.  As a student I thrived when I had a diagram in front of me, a diagram that I didn't have to draw.  I can't draw a thing by hand, but my Adobe Illustrator skills make it possible for me to digitally draw and create diagrams, print them out, and copy for all of my students to use!


Do I take custom requests?

Yes... sort of!  If a teacher emails me (mrs.bethany.lau at gmail.com) and asks me to design a lesson for a particular topic, I put it on my long list of ideas and get to it when I can and when I get inspired about that particular topic.  I keep it in the back of my mind.  I spend a lot of my time chasing my three year old and I work when I can.


How do I pronounce my last name?

Like Loud, without the d. 🙂


What do I do in my spare time?

At home in my spare time, when I am not lesson planning or building Legos with my son, I enjoy reading fiction, watching movies, and baking.  Due to some allergies in my family, I am always looking for ways to create baked goods that taste good with no dairy products and no egg.


My husband and I love to travel.  We spent six months overseas living in Hong Kong when my son was 1.5.  We have  visited Australia, Singapore, Canada and many other places around the USA with our now almost-3 year old son.  Every place we go, we search out the best dim sum in whatever city we end up in.  So far we think the best dim sum is in Hong Kong and Vancouver.


Warning: don't try to find dim sum near Baltimore.  Just don't even try.





Lesson planning at work
Trekking around the world with a baby on my back
San Francisco Bay

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